1-3 Queen Anne’s Gate

1-3 Queen Anne’s Gate
4 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Maple Springfield

About the Project

A major redevelopment of the site was to take place which would see the facades retained and all other structures demolished. An asbestos survey had been carried out on behalf of the client and Decontaminate were appointed to remove all asbestos containing materials which included asbestos pipe insulation utilising the wrap and cut technique, asbestos insulation debris and asbestos insulation board panels and ceiling tiles. Due to site restrictions it was necessary to use modular decontamination facilities and a waste had to be removed from site on a wait and load basis. 


Materials removed:

- Asbestos pipe insulation

- Asbestos pipe insulation debris

- Asbestos insulation board

- Asbestos insulation board debris

Project Challenges

Restrictions on space around the site meant modular decontamination units and wait and loads for waste disposal were necessary.

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