Apartment Block’s in Hammersmith

Apartment Block’s in Hammersmith
12 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Ayerst Environmental Ltd

About the Project

In advance of a water tank upgrade programme by the Local Authority landlord an asbestos survey was undertaken throughout the loft spaces of 12 apartment blocks. The asbestos survey identified the requirement for decontamination works and Decontaminate were duly appointed. Working within the fully sealed loft spaces above the live residential units Decontaminate carefully removed all contamination enabling the water tank renewal to be safely completed.

Materials Removed:

- Asbestos debris 

- Fibreglass loft insulation 

- MMMF pipe insulation 

- General dust

Project Challenges

- Working above live residential units 

- Working in a live residential environment 

- Resident liaison and interaction

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