Brown & Root Tower

Brown & Root Tower
7 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Criterion Capital

About the Project

This property which was once voted the ‘ugliest’ building in London was to be converted from Commercial office space into Residential living space by the new owners. Decontaminate were appointed by Criterion Capital to remove the asbestos insulation board identified within the asbestos survey that they’d commissioned. The tower had been empty for a considerable amount of time and significant pigeon amounts of pigeon guano were present in addition to mould infestation. Much of the asbestos insulation board had been damaged which necessitated a localised decontamination of the area before erecting a tented enclosure. Decontaminate safely removed all known asbestos. 


Materials removed:

- Asbestos insulation board

- Asbestos insulation board debris

- Pigeon guano

Project Challenges

- The widespread presence of pigeon guano and mould

- Temporary power was required as the building had no live services

- Manual handling up and down the 17 storeys

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