Leading University in Kensington

Leading University in Kensington
4 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Imperial College London

About the Project

During an asbestos survey of the building carried out by the clients appointed consultants asbestos contamination was discovered within the floor void on level six. Access to the void was severely restricted from the inside of the building making it necessary to form access externally. Using specialist diamond drilling equipment openings were formed through the reinforced concrete side wall. Once inside the void and working under fully controlled conditions the Decontaminate team removed 650 linear metres of mineral fibre pipe insulation and asbestos dust.

Materials removed:

- MMMF pipe insulation 

- Asbestos dust

Project Challenges

- Confined space working 

- Working within a live University environment 

- Transporting asbestos waste through a live University building

- Temporary works requirement for access

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