Major London Southbank Office Refurbishment

Major London Southbank Office Refurbishment
32 Weeks
Asbestos Abatement

About the Project

Decontaminate UK Ltd were employed to undertake the abatement works to sprayed coating residue across numerous floors as part of a Major London Southbank Office Refurbishment. The 25 story building is undergoing a split phase, full refurbishment of services, wall finishes, internal layouts and fixtures and fittings. The asbestos residue was identified to the structure of the building within ceiling voids and in risers. Decontaminate delivered all works under fully controlled conditions requiring in excess of 80 operatives working across 20 live enclosures at any one time.

Project Challenges

The abatement of asbestos was executed under challenging conditions with 75% of the building remaining occupied throughout the duration of our works. Key to the success of our delivery was our management of stakeholders to allow the unhindered progress of our works. Access in and out of the Project was another challenge we were required to contend with, this is as a consequence of the location of the building and other prominent developments being carried out in the vicinity.

- Building remaining live during the works 

- Restricted access 

- Major infrastructure development taking place adjacent 

- Time waste movements

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