Morley House

Morley House
8 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Deconstruct (UK) Ltd

About the Project

Deconstruct (UK) Ltd were the Principal Contractor on this project for the Crown Estate and appointed Derisk to carry out a demolition asbestos survey. The survey identified the presence of asbestos thermal insulation and asbestos insulation board in addition to asbestos cement, asbestos rope and asbestos containing bituminous adhesive. The Decontaminate team carefully removed all asbestos identified enabling demolition to proceed safely.

Materials removed:

- Asbestos thermal insulation

- Asbestos thermal insulation debris

- Asbestos insulation board

- Asbestos cement

- Asbestos rope

- Asbestos adhesive

Project Challenges

- Logistically challenging site conditions

- Careful planning of waste movements using wait and load

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