Private Apartment Block In Marylebone

Private Apartment Block In Marylebone
4 Weeks
Asbestos Removal

About the Project

In advance of an M&E upgrade programme Decontaminate were appointed by ISG to remove asbestos insulation board firebreaks from within ceiling voids. Working under fully controlled conditions the Decontaminate team carefully removed the firebreaks working around the existing mechanical and electrical installation. Residents were decanted from their apartments and the landings were divided into manageable areas that could be completed each day allowing them to return safely the same day.

Materials removed:

- Millboard linings from heater units 

- AIB firebreaks 

- AIB linings 

- Flashguards 

- AIB lined doors

Project Challenges

- Working throughout live residential areas 

- Working in a live residential environment  

- Resident liaison and interaction 

- Ensuring that work areas were established and cleared in a timely manner to enable re-occupation of the residential units

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