Secondary School in South East London

Secondary School in South East London
1 Week
Asbestos Removal
Environtec Ltd

About the Project

Decontaminate were appointed by the clients asbestos consultant to undertake the removal of asbestos boarding and contamination that had been identified within ceiling voids during and asbestos survey. The ceiling was constructed of non-asbestos material above which an asbestos cement board had been used to line the joists. The asbestos boarding had become damaged over time and debris was present throughout. Decontaminate safely removed the asbestos working inside a fully sealed enclosure with all works being completed during the summer break.

Materials removed:

- Asbestos cement boarding 

- Asbestos cement debris 

- Asbestos contaminated ceiling tiles

Project Challenges

- Working at height 

- Potential for live electrical circuits due to the age of the building 

- Working within a live school building 

- Working to a strict timescale

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