Central London Hospital

Central London Hospital
9 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Kings College London

About the Project

Our sister Company, Derisk was appointed by Kings College London to undertake an asbestos survey of a redundant complex of buildings and service areas at a landmark hospital site. The site had been unoccupied for a long period of time and the presence of vermin was evident. In addition to the many asbestos containing materials that had been installed years ago there were a number of areas where asbestos had been previously removed to a standard that falls short of that required today. Decontaminate secured the asbestos abatement contract which was completed over a 9 week period enabling safe access into the building once again. 

Materials removed:

- Asbestos insulation board 

- Asbestos pipe insulation debris 

- Sprayed asbestos debris 

- Asbestos rope 

- Asbestos cement 

- Pigeon Guano

Project Challenges

- Working on a site adjacent a live hospital unit 

- Maintaining security of the site 

- Avoiding lone working

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