Dukes Court Redevelopment Scheme in St James

Dukes Court Redevelopment Scheme in St James
6 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Deconstruct (UK) Ltd

About the Project

Deconstruct (UK) Ltd secured the contract for the complete demolition of this building on a popular street in St James. Derisk carried out an asbestos survey of the building which identified asbestos pipe insulation, thermal insulation residue and asbestos insulation board in addition to asbestos containing floor tiles, bitumen adhesive, flash guards and lift motor brake shoes. Working alongside Deconstruct, the Decontaminate team safely removed all asbestos containing materials enabling demolition to proceed without the risk of asbestos disturbance.  

Materials removed:

- Asbestos insulation 

- Asbestos insulation debris

- Asbestos insulation board 

- Floor tiles and adhesive 

- Asbestos rope 

- Brake shoes

Project Challenges

- Working on a site with restricted space and co-ordinating logistics

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