Government Offices in Greater London

Government Offices in Greater London
12 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
CLSH Management Ltd

About the Project

Following a competitive tender process Decontaminate secured this project to remove asbestos from a large Local Government office building. The ground and first floors of this six storey building remained fully occupied throughout the works which comprised of the removal of asbestos insulation board and sprayed asbestos insulation residue. Fully sealed enclosures were constructed on each of the floors enabling the asbestos firebreaks and sprayed asbestos debris to be removed from the perimeter of the building.

Materials removed:

- Asbestos insulation board firebreaks 

- Asbestos insulation panels within communal staircases 

- Sprayed asbestos insulation debris

Project Challenges

- Working in an operational public building 

- The removal of asbestos waste from the building outside normal working hours 

- Liaison with the building users

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