University Hospital in South London

University Hospital in South London
2 Days
Asbestos Removal
Environtec Ltd

About the Project

With urgent remedial works required to fix a leaking steam main at this hospital site the clients asbestos consultants appointed Decontaminate to assist. The steam main was located in a live service tunnel beneath the hospital grounds which was only accessible through a manhole in the roadway. The steam main was isolated by the hospitals engineers but other services in the tunnel had to remain live so extreme care was needed by the Decontaminate team while they removed the asbestos contaminated pipe insulation and residue. The works were completed over to days allowing the engineers to safely repair the leaking pipe.  

Materials removed:

- Asbestos contaminated pipe insulation 

- Asbestos insulation residue

Project Challenges

- Confined space working 

- Working adjacent live services 

- Working on a live hospital site

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