Turvey House

Turvey House
4 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Fanshawe LLP

About the Project

Turvey House was built in the 18th century and is a grade 1 listed country house in Bedfordshire. Whilst Turvey House remains a family residence it is also open to the public. Adams Environmental were appointed by Fanshawe LLP to carry out a refurbishment asbestos survey which identified the presence of asbestos thermal insulation within the bedrooms, kitchen and cellar. The family vacated Turvey House during the asbestos abatement works entrusting responsibility to Decontaminate to carefully complete the works. Polythene tented enclosures were erected taking extreme care not to damage any of the fixtures or finishes during the removal of the asbestos insulation.


Materials removed:

- Asbestos thermal insulation

Project Challenges

- Ensuring works were carried out to the satisfaction of English Heritage

- Exercising care not to damage fixtures or finishes

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