Asbestos Encapsulation
Providing the most suitable application.

In some instances, it is not necessary to remove asbestos and encapsulation may be a more appropriate solution.

What is Asbestos Encapsulation?
Asbestos encapsulation is the process of applying a protective layer onto the asbestos containing material (ACM) which will contain asbestos fibres behind it and also provide some protection to the ACM from damage. The encapsulating material could for example be a rigid board or sheet, a painted or sprayed coating, a fabric or cloth wrap.

The ACM will need to be in sound condition before it is encapsulated, and this may involve some preparatory works being undertaken inside an enclosure.

The protective layer will be installed either using an independent supporting framework or by direct application onto the ACM. Labels may be applied to the protective layer warning of the presence of asbestos behind.

Why is Asbestos Encapsulation important?
In some instances it is not necessary to remove asbestos and encapsulation of the asbestos containing materials (ACMs) may be a more appropriate solution. The decision to encapsulate asbestos rather than remove will come following a risk assessment and having been given due consideration to the ACM.

Encapsulation could be a more appropriate option where the specific qualities of the ACM need to be maintained such as fire resistance or insulation or where it is more cost effective to do so.

Asbestos Encapsulation vs. Removal
The main benefit of Asbestos Encapsulation is that it can be carried out with minimal disturbance. If you are looking for commercial asbestos treatment, encapsulation means your business can remain fully operational.

Encapsulating your asbestos as opposed to removing it also means that you don’t have to dispose of the materials which can be and expensive and potentially dangerous process.

Why choose Decontaminate?
Our teams have encapsulated pipe insulation, sprayed coatings, boarded products and many other asbestos applications. To review all of our experience, feel free to browse our case studies or get in touch today. You can also review our case studies by asbestos treatment in specific industries.

How does it work with Decontaminate?
When you contact Decontaminate a member of our team will take time to discuss and understand your requirements. It is likely that we will then need to visit your site to ensure that the site conditions are fully appreciated, and your brief is understood.

We will then prepare a quotation setting out clearly what we will do and how much it will cost. Once we are instructed to commence the work, we will carefully prepare a Plan of Work and undertake Risk Assessments before submitting all appropriate notifications to the Health & Safety Executive.

The work will be diligently undertaken by our skilled and trained teams ensuring full compliance with current legislation and best practice before returning the site to you in a safe condition.