Asbestos Surveying & Testing
In order to establish whether asbestos removal/remediation works are actually required, an asbestos survey will be necessary.

There are 3 common types of asbestos survey and each type is fully dependent on what you are planning to do with your property.

Asbestos Survey Requirements
In all cases you are required to have an asbestos survey for buildings built before the year 2000, with the survey supported by a written plan describing how you will manage any asbestos identified in the building. There is an additional requirement for specific surveys in advance of any refurbishment or demolition works, these 3 common surveys are further outlined below.

Asbestos Management Survey
This survey is designed to assist you in identifying the presence of asbestos within a building/premises and provide the building managers or maintenance teams with guidance on how to ensure that the asbestos isn’t disturbed by day to day occupation/maintenance of the building by you, your tenants or contractors.

The survey will include taking samples from the building which could result in some superficial damage to decorations and other areas such as insulation materials in plant rooms or loft spaces.

In all cases the survey will contain marked up site drawings showing the location of any samples taken which can then be cross referenced to the sample analysis results.

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey
This type of survey must be undertaken with a very clear understanding of what works are being planned to ensure that the scope of the survey very clearly identifies areas that are included and just as importantly what areas are not included, this is vitally important for the contractors engaged to undertake the refurbishment works on your behalf.

By its very nature the survey is intrusive and as such you can expect there to be a large number of openings/inspection points throughout the structure which will require making good if the project is not planned to start immediately after completion of the survey.

The report will contain the sample analysis reports along with very clear site drawings showing the location of any asbestos identified in the building, just as important it will also tell you what materials aren’t asbestos, this very useful to your contractors when planning and undertaking the works. The survey may require isolation of building services and in some cases may require support from licensed asbestos removal contractors where the potential risk of disturbing asbestos is high, this requirement will be assessed at the desktop planning stage of the survey and will be very clearly set out within the survey method statement.

Asbestos Demolition Survey
A demolition survey builds on the refurbishment survey with a very clear goal to identify all asbestos within the building and should not have any limitations in respect to access or live services etc.

The survey is intrusive and will result in severe damage to the fabric of the building including in some cases opening up structural elements where the presence of asbestos is suspected.

When planning this type of survey the scope of the project needs to be very clearly understood by the surveying team so as to ensure that every effort is made to identify the presence of asbestos in advanced of works commencing on site.

Working with our sister company Derisk we are able to provide you with support and UKAS accredited asbestos surveying. Offering this service in house allows efficient flow of information and intelligence about your buildings and projects giving you the confidence that your very specific needs and requirements are understood and delivered.