Pigeon guano removal
Decontaminate are experienced in the removal of guano and cleaning of affected areas.

What is Pigeon Guano Removal?
Pigeon guano removal is the process by which we systematically remove pigeon guano (bird droppings) from an affected area in order to prevent any negative impact on the health and safety of those occupying the area.

How do you remove Pigeon Guano?
Decontaminate are experienced in the removal of pigeon guano and cleaning of affected areas. In accordance with HSE Guidelines our trained operatives would pay particular attention to basic hygiene to ensure that the risk of ingestion or inhalation of harmful micro-organisms is minimised.

Wearing suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment our staff will work in a containment zone established around the affected area. The guano will be before carefully removing the guano in a controlled manner and disposing of it safely.

Decontaminate operate within London and the Home Counties and have experience dealing with multiple issues at once, including pigeon guano and asbestos removal. If you’d like to make an enquiry or learn more about our services you can call or email us; alternatively send us a message via our enquiry form. If you’d like to arrange a time for us to call you, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Why is Pigeon Guano Removal important?
Many buildings, particularly older ones have been subject to long term infestation of birds and therefore require specialised removal and cleaning before they are safe to work in. 

Pigeon Guano, if left for a long period of time, becomes highly corrosive and can cause costly damage to the infrastructure of a building.

The harm to humans and other animals comes from inhalation of dust from bird droppings or guano and can lead to a number of serious diseases including Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis.

Pigeon Droppings Health & Safety
Scientific advances have highlighted the ease with which diseases are spread from birds to humans, therefore we highly recommend you contact us before beginning works where pigeon dropping dust could circulate with the air supply of your team.