specialist cleaning & decontamination
Specialist Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning & Decontamination - We are able to undertake cleaning of many different environments.

What is Specialist Cleaning?
Specialist and Industrial Cleaning is the cleaning and removal of materials from areas that are potentially too dangerous, difficult and problematic for general cleaners.

Why choose Decontaminate?
As part of our Industrial Cleaning services, Decontaminate can undertake cleaning of many different environments including:      

- Plant rooms
- Derelict buildings
- Roof voids and confined spaces
- Flood and fire damaged buildings
- Kitchens and WC’s
- Laboratories (including schools and colleges)
- Fume cupboards and extract systems
- Shooting ranges (lead)
- Flour mills (dust and potentially explosive atmospheres)
- Service and telecoms tunnels
- Rail tunnels and property clearance

We employ the same meticulous methods that we employ in the removal and decontamination of hazardous substances and the experience we have gained when working in sensitive environments.

How does it work with Decontaminate?
If you need industrial cleaning services or specialist cleaning, get in contact with us today via phone or by submitting an enquiry and we can make a recommendation and give you a quote for your project.