Soft strip demolition

Soft strip demolition

soft strip demolition


Often taking place in areas of buildings that are sensitive or difficult to access, controlled soft strip demolition and plant removal can be a delicate, complex process.
At Decontaminate, we have years of experience in this area. As a result, we understand the gamut of challenges and risks that are associated with soft strip-outs — frequently against the backdrop of restrictive deadlines.

Our comprehensive range of strip out services includes:

Controlled soft strip.


Plant removal.

Services removal.

In addition to extensive controlled soft strip demolition work, our expertise with hazardous materials has proved invaluable when contaminants are found on a work site. In many cases, the presence of hazardous materials is only discovered when a soft strip-out is already underway, preventing regular demolition contractors from continuing with their work. Decontaminate have been able to step in at short notice to complete the project whilst fully complying with all safety relevant protocols.

Our staff receive ongoing training to ensure the safe, timely and efficient delivery of soft strip and demolition works. This means undertaking comprehensive risk assessments before work commences, full adherence to our corporate environmental and recycling commitments, and every effort being taken to avoid harmful waste, pollution or toxins being produced by our work processes.

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