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Specialist industrial cleaning

Many urban environments, especially industrial sites, may contain hazardous materials that are too dangerous or complex for mainstream cleaning services to handle. However, with many years’ experience of dealing with a wide variety of hazardous materials and contaminants, no specialist cleaning assignment is beyond the expertise of our teams at Decontaminate.

As industrial cleaning specialists, we are well-versed in a range of sensitive environments, including:


Plant rooms.

Derelict buildings.

Roof voids & confined spaces.

Kitchens & WC’s.


Fume cupboards & extract systems.

Services & telecoms tunnels.

Advanced technology

As a member of the DE Group of companies, Decontaminate are committed to continuous improvement through our working practices and processes. It’s a philosophy that also informs our adoption of new and emerging hygiene technologies. Advances in equipment design have continued at pace over recent years, and we’ve continued to invest heavily in cutting-edge industrial cleaning machinery.

industrial cleaning and decontamination
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These new technologies have enabled us to offer our clients ever better, quicker and more cost-effective solutions. By working faster and more effectively, we’re able to clean, dry and restore affected areas to normal usage with minimal disruption and downtime for the customer.

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