2-6 Southampton Row

2-6 Southampton Row
9 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
McLaren Construction

About the Project

This Grade 2 listed property that was once a church was to be refurbished into a boutique hotel. An asbestos survey of the building had identified the presence of asbestos containing textured coatings to the original ceilings which required complete removal. Extreme care was required during the removal of the textured coating so as not to damage the ornate cornices and mouldings that were to be retained as features of the new hotel. An original chapel that existed within the building was decontaminated and this process involved the careful recording, removal, cleaning and storage of listed timber panelling which our in house asbestos trained carpenters carried out.


Materials removed:

- Asbestos containing textured coating

- Asbestos dust and debris

Project Challenges

- Carrying out the works to the satisfaction of English Heritage

- Care not to damage heritage items

- Restricted access onto a Central London site

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