20 Hanover Terrace

20 Hanover Terrace
12 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
Jackson Coles

About the Project

Hanover Terrace was built in the 19th Century and is grade 2 listed. The new owner of the property planned a full refurbishment of the building that would retain many of the original features. Adams Environmental carried out a refurbishment asbestos survey that identified the presence of asbestos thermal insulation within floor voids and risers and asbestos insulation board in various locations. Protection was installed to all retained features including stairs, floors and fireplaces before work commenced. Decontaminate were required to carefully remove and clean floor boards in the heritage areas following a process that required the boards to first be labelled, recorded and photographed. The boards were then lifted by our specialist carpentry teams and cleaned before being temporality transferred for storage while the asbestos thermal insulation was removed. Upon completion of the decontamination process our carpenters carefully re-laid the floor boards. All lathe and plaster ceilings had to be propped from below and then cleaned very carefully as there was a real potential for them to disintegrate when vacuumed.

Materials removed:

- Asbestos thermal insulation

- Asbestos insulation board

- Asbestos cement

Project Challenges

- All work to be carried out to the satisfaction of English Heritage

- Care to be taken not to damage heritage items.

- Floor boards to be removed and re-laid

- Fragility of lathe and plaster ceilings

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