Oceanic House

Oceanic House
52 Weeks
Asbestos Removal
FB Ellmer Ltd

About the Project

FB Ellmer secured the refurbishment of this prestigious grade 2 listed building located on Trafalgar Square. The building had been subject to various asbestos abatement programmes over the years but due to the extent of the refurbishment planned it would be necessary to try and remove all remaining asbestos, much of which was structure borne. The asbestos was present within the clinker throughout the building and it was necessary for Decontaminate to work closely with Deconstruct and remove entire floors and walls along with pockets from within the masonry. The work had to be undertaken meticulously to ensure that the structural stability of the building was maintained. Access around the site was very limited and it was necessary for our decontamination units to be sited on a high level gantry.

Materials removed:

- Contaminated clinker 

- Asbestos insulation residue 

- Contaminated masonry

Project Challenges

- Working in a listed building 

- Maintaining the structural integrity of the building 

- Phasing of works to coincide with reconstruction 

- Development of innovative material handling - Safe systems of work to reduce manual handling (in excess of 1,250,000 kg of waste removed)

- Triple bagging of waste due to nature of material being removed 

- Restrictions on space leading to decontamination units being sited on a gantry

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