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Residential blocks in Shepherds Bush


Shepherds Bush




asbestos removal


£ 75,000


Ayerst Environmental Ltd

Delivered by

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Project details

As part of the Local Authority’s asbestos management plan the decision was taken to remove asbestos-containing materials from residential units throughout the estate and Decontaminate were duly appointed. The cladding and panelling were typically located on risers within kitchen and hallway areas which meant that residents needed to be decanted from their properties during the works.

The asbestos was carefully removed within the confines of a full enclosure to enable safe re-occupation by the residents upon completion of the work.

Project constraints

  • working throughout live residential areas
  • care required to avoid unnecessary damage to property and decorations
  • working in a live residential environment
  • resident liaison and interaction
  • ensuring that work areas were established and cleared in a timely manner to enable re-occupation of the residential units.

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